beat RAINY DAY blues with homemade playdough

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This post originally appeared on March 1,2011. Around here we have playdough ready at all times.  I keep it in a plastic bin in my art cabinet.  Today I really wanted to do something different with it though.  So I made two different color batches of Kool Aid PlayDough.  Then I brought out the animals. what you need:   Kool aid PlayDough ~ Animals I rushed to prep the table while M and M were occupied.  I made eight ovals and then pressed a different animal into each one. I mixed the animals up on the table and called the kids over.  I told them to find which animal made each imprint. We had an even better time than I had Continue Reading

SPRING Homemade Play Dough

Busy Bag (9)

As promised here is my contribution to the Busy Bag Party.  We love homemade play dough and we love spring.  So why not combine the two? Spring Homemade Play Dough I picked up all the ingredients I needed to make 4 batches of my favorite homemade play dough and some green food coloring.  (I like the specialty food coloring sold in the cake decorating section.)  Little M and I spent all morning mixing up the play dough.  Once the play dough was cool I split it into 7 sections and bagged them up. In December I added a few Christmas accessories and the kids had a blast with it.  What better way to make spring play dough then to add a Continue Reading

play dough…sensory and COLOR

Colored Playdough

I love homemade play dough.  For years kool-aid play dough was the only kind I made.  I recently found this awesome recipe and now it's the play dough I can't get enough of! Since we are having fun with colors this week I decided to divide the play dough into separate sections to be colored. At the last minute I mixed in a few sensory surprises.  A little Peppermint Extract kneeded into the blue play dough. Sequins folded into the pink play dough. Left over birdseed mix into the green play dough. Oats added a nice texture to the yellow play dough. We used cinnamon in the brown play dough and vanilla extract in the purple play Continue Reading