Letter of the Week – Letter H – Hopscotch

Letter H (2)

Now we could have made a regular hopscotch for the Letter H, but you know we just don't play like that!  A special letter deserves a very special Hopscotch... I drew a giant H on the sidewalk. We spent some time thinking of H words to fill the squares.  Little M added a hand and I wrote the word underneath the picture. Big M drew a helicopter. Even Daddy got involved.  Good thing too, I was not looking forward to attempting a horse! Once all of the squares were filled it was time to get hopping. We used acorn hats as our markers and took turns making our way through the H hopscotch. Hop... hop... hop. I don't know whose footwear was Continue Reading

hopscotch a new way . . .SHAPE Scotch


We had A LOT of rain in December, so as soon as the sun came out we ran outside.  What better way to get bouncing than a game of hopscotch?  Since we're working on shapes, I mixed it up a little.  Shape Scotch may be my new favorite game. What you’ll need: Chalk Hopscotch with a twist!  All you need is a little sidewalk space, chalk and two eager jumping feet!  Draw out several of your favorite shapes, as you can see I didn't get out a ruler.  Big M started helping, and drew a square.  Little M added a circle (when she surprised herself by drawing an S, I surrounded it by stars). Make sure the shapes are big enough for your little one to Continue Reading