5 tips for getting reluctant readers reading


Awhile back I shared a little hiccup in our reading process with Big M. When he stepped into independent reading, he just plain wasn't interested. I was floored! We read A LOT around here and he has always loved books. So why wouldn't he be excited to jump into reading on his own? Right around the time that I was expecting to hand some of our story time reading over to him, I was lucky enough to meet a buddy blogger of mine in real life. ;) She gave me some amazing advice about beginning readers. I came right home and wrote a post about our first steps into independent reading. Melissa Taylor (my bloggy friend/ reading mentor) is the author Continue Reading

first steps into independent reading

independent reading

This past weekend I was lucky enough to cross paths with a bloggy buddy of mine.  It was the first time I have had a face to face interaction with one of the women in my network of bloggers.   I cannot tell you how excited I was. Melissa, author of Imagination Soup is just as wonderful in person as she is online.  Our conversation could have gone on and on.  We talked about our families, we talked about blogging and we talked about upcoming adventures that we have planned for the near future.  Before Melissa left I couldn't resist asking her a question about a subject she knows very well.  Reading. Big M is learning how to read.  I was Continue Reading