Letter of the Week – Letter J – Jello

J is for Jello p

Okay I'm back to bring you the Letter J!  Did you enjoy my Mom's posts?  I hope so!  It really helped me out...  and gave you guys some great reading at the same time.  Thanks Mom! That's right J is for Jello... slimy, jiggly, gooey JELLO! I used two containers and 4 large boxes of Jello.  It took about 24 hours for the Jello to set because of the size of the container, I think. (Although Hubs thinks I did something wrong in the mixing... I refuse to admit it ;) )  While the Jello was setting I added as many J things as I could get my hands on. We dumped both containers of Jello into our empty water table. M and M dug in to the Continue Reading