Homemade fortune cookies perfect for Valentines

homemade fortune cookies for kids

This post about making Fortune cookies originally appeared on February 2, 2011. I have been planning this activity since I came across the recipe for these homemade Fortune Cookies on Cooking with my Kid.   We had so much fun putting them together this morning, I can't wait to make another batch. Homemade fortune cookies what you need:  fortune cookie recipe ~slip printouts~ colored pencils Printout the slips of paper to give your little ones a guide of the size the paper needs to be.  Make sure they know you will be cutting the paper on the lines.  You can tell from the pics that M and M had very different ideas of how to fill the Continue Reading

Charlotte’s Web Activity… Charlotte’s Spiderweb Pizza

charlotte's web

A while back I asked my little sister (a bookworm by nature) if she thought the kids were too young for me to start reading Harry Potter to them. She made the saddest face and said she really wished I wouldn't. "They WILL read Harry Potter. There is no question. They'll read it on their own or with you later. They may not go back and read books like Charlotte's Web and Tom Sawyer. Read those now." (Okay I was paraphrasing but you get the idea.) What she said struck a cord with me and we picked up Charlotte's Web immediately. While reading I jotted down activities that would make reading this classic even better. (I often keep notes about how Continue Reading

BALLOON storytelling

balloon storytelling 3

If you have been here before you likely know that I heart storytelling in BIG way. Well I've also been really into balloons lately, so why not combine the two.   I blew up a red balloon and grabbed a sharpie. Outside we went. I wrote words all over the balloon. Shiny Fountain Raccoon Frustrated Shiny Chain Baseball Nose Tiny Basket Kite Girl Pink Flower Cup Friend Scooter Boy Soup Any combination of words would work for this activity. If your kid has favorite toys or characters toss those into the mix. The game morphed into a few different variations while we played. M and M had a friends over so our kid count was 4. I Continue Reading

twister with SIGHT WORDS

sight word twister

Since flash cards are really not my thing, I have been putting a little active fun into our sight words (you can click here if you haven't seen the ones we've done already!)  For the last couple of weeks we have been putting a "twist" into our sight word practice, with Sight Word Twister.  (I did giggle a little about that one.) I used chalk to make this sight word twister board.  (I soaked the chalk in water first and I am not kidding that chalk had been there for two weeks when I took this picture!) As with regular twister the object is to be touching 4 spaces at the same time.  We started out using cards that told which body part to Continue Reading