Lego Sculptures with Play Doh

Lego Scultpures with Play doh (11)

This post originally appeared on January 25, 2012.  Are you loving Lego week????   We are and it is only going to get better... A few days ago we had a really fun day of rain that ended up more of a Lego day than a rainy one!  We sat on the front porch and played all morning. Our first project was this one... Lego Sculptures with Play Doh We took a Lego Garden that Big M created last week and the set of Play-Doh that they were given for Christmas out to the front porch. My plan was to use the Lego Garden as inspiration for a Play-Doh sculpture.  This idea is a twist on At Home With Ali's Making a Puppy Sculpture. We started out Continue Reading

Measuring with Legos

measuring with legos

You have seen Jamie here before.  She's not only the awesome author of Hand's On: As We Grow, she is a serious force in the behind the scenes blogging world.  I owe a lot of what I know, and how I blog to her. Thanks Jamie!  Now go ahead and share your playful learning idea. :) This is such a great learning activity for those of you lesson plan moms. And I know Jillian has a love for Legos, too! And using Legos, of course! Start measuring stuff around the house with Legos! Measuring with Legos After gathering together 40 Block Activities for Kids, I couldn't pass up trying some myself! This lego measuring idea came from Continue Reading

Lego Activities… home made Lego instructions

Big M Original

Lego activities were rolling around in my brain while I was planning this week's Lego Lessons.  When this activity popped into my head I knew it would be a perfect fit for my “thinker” (AKA Big M).  He loves to see how things work, he just has to figure out the whys of everything. When Big M gets a new Lego set he immediately follows the instructions provided. Once he's examined their version, he rips it apart and uses those pieces to create a new structure. After a couple redesigns all of those Lego's go into the Lego Bin and will eventually be used to make whatever brilliant Lego structure Big M envisions. My idea? Why not figure out how Continue Reading

(almost) Wordless Wednesday


Love this new find!  Lego Quest gives a challenge once a month and then showcases each kids' submission. Big M built a jet. Even Little M was inspired to build something.  Her contribution was a flying house. Continue Reading