It’s Playtime! Letter Activities

it's playtime letter activities

This week on It's Playtime... Letter Activities 1. Alphabet Goo {Learn with Play at Home} 2. Letter Recognition Game {Fantastic Fun and Learning} 3. Catching the Letter N {A Mom with a Lesson Plan} 4. Letter E is for Eggshells {A Mom with a Lesson Plan} 5. Alphabet Hunt {Suzy Homeschooler} 6. Letter K Sensory Bin {Life with Moore Babies} 7. ABC Tape Resist Art {Train Up a Child} 8. Letter Sound Picture Game {A Mom with a Lesson Plan} 9. Letter S is for Swirl {A Mom with a Lesson Plan} 10. Sensory Letter Match {The Measured Mom} In true lesson planning form I will be featuring posts that fit into my lesson plan for the week. Continue Reading

Letter of the Week ~ Letter R ~ Ribbon Sensory Bin

Letter R Ribbon Sensory Bin (3)

It's time for some Letter R fun.  Little M and I had a great time putting together a Ribbon Sensory Bin. Apparently I buy a lot of ribbon without paying attention to what I already have.  Who needs 4 spools of orange ribbon?  Turns out this was a great project for cleaning out our ribbon box!  Little M and I cut strips of ribbon, some short and some REALLY long.  I curled some of the ribbon and was hoping to give her a lesson in curling ribbon, but she wasn't interested.  Maybe next time. :) We searched for R items.  Some items were too big to fit in our box so we wrote the words out instead.  We added some foam "R"s.  (Can you tell I Continue Reading

practicing the alphabet with fun LETTER activities

Letter Activities

Looking for letters What you’ll need: Magazines ~ books ~ street signs Look for the letter of week while doing ordinary tasks.  While ready a good night story, notice the “C” in the title.  Point out the “D” on the front of the catalog sitting at the doctor’s office.  Every time you say quietly to yourself  “Wow, another F!  Fish starts with F”  Your kids will be getting a mini lesson, and they won’t even know it.  Don’t be surprised if one day you find your kids spotting the letter of the week before you do!  You can also turn this into a game if you are in the car or walking through the grocery store.  “Let’s count how many L’s we see Continue Reading