Letter of the week ~ Letter C ~ C Chart

Letter C

  The letter C is pretty tricky.  It makes so many different sounds.  I wanted to keep this one really simple so we made a very basic C Chart. I prepped the chart before sitting down with the kids.  Then I used a marker to write words as M and M shouted them out.  (Little M has been very interested in writing so she took over for a few words.)  I helped come up with some of the words and filled the no list... M and M didn't say any non C words.  Is it possible it's not as tricky a sound as I thought? This post is a part of the Letters series. Continue Reading

LETTER ACTIVITES. . .letter sound games

Letter sounds (done)

Playing with letter sounds is so much fun, we are always finding new ways to add in a little practice.  In fact tonight after our story I asked M and M to give me a word that started with the letter M before they were carried off to bed.  They answered so quickly, I decided to make it a little more challenging.  "Can you think of a word that ends with the letter M?'' That was a bit too difficult, but it did get Daddy in on the game. 2 letter sound games Up the Stairs Have your little one stop after each step and ask the question. “A makes an “A” sound.  Can you think of a word that starts with “A”?  Make sure they guess before they move Continue Reading