Letter G Activity: DIY Glitter Glue

Make your own glitter glue for a Letter G activity

I knew that the letter G activity was approaching in our letter activity series and quite frankly, I was dreading it. I despise glitter, okay probably not despise, but really dislike. I don't mind things that make a mess, in fact I rather enjoy a mess. . .as long as the mess can be cleaned up. Glitter sticks to everything and spills really easy and never seems to be totally gone. While I was busy trying to think of other G things that could replace glitter, I had an idea. This may be one of my better ideas. I might call this a brilliant idea.  PUT THE GLITTER INTO THE GLUE!!! Although I am not the first person to have thought of it, I feel Continue Reading

Letter F Activity: Gluing Feathers

Letter F feather p

Are your ready for for some Fantastic, Fancy, Feather Fun? It's F week! Our letter F activity is gluing feathers. Have you been following along with our letter of the week? Which one has been your favorite so far? Let us know in the comments. Letter F Activity: Gluing Feathers What you need: Letter F, feathers,glue, and construction paper. Feathers really are a lot of fun. They are light, fluffy and soft. This activity could not be more simple. Set out the feathers, set out the glue, and sit back and watch. After your little one has enjoyed gluing feathers for a while try changing the activity a bit. Big M started blowing the Continue Reading

Letter E Activity: Gluing Eggshells

egg shells p

Today's letter activity is for the Letter E. For this activity a really fun material. EGGSHELLS! Oh. . . I love eggshells!  I got a really weird look from my Hubby when I asked where the egg shells were from his fritata.   Is he really still surprised with my material selections? Letter E Activity: Gluing Eggshells What you need: Letter E, eggshells, glue, construction paper Print out the letter E, cut it out and glue it to construction paper.  I like the contrast of black construction paper for this one, but you can use what ever you have.  Use eggshells that have been washed out, and dried (but don't crunch them!!!) This activity Continue Reading

Letter of the Week ~ V ~ Velvet

Letter V

We are nearing the end of the alphabet.  Don't worry if you missed the Letter of the Week up to now, just click here and start with which ever letter looks like the most fun to you! what you need: Letter V ~ construction paper ~ glue ~ velvet Print out the Letter V, cut it out and glue it to a piece of construction paper.  Give your kids pieces of velvet and glue.  The velvet we used is from a giant roll of Christmas ribbon I found in the bottom of a garage sale box. We use glue in different ways, sometimes with a paintbrush and sometimes straight out of the bottle.  There are advantages to both. Can you imagine the skills it takes to do Continue Reading