Letter M Activity: Marble Painting

letter m

We have always done our marble painting in an open box. Place the paper in the bottom and drop in some paint covered marbles. Let the kids move the box around so that the marbles roll around the paper. It's a fun way to marble paint. . .but my kids have done it A LOT, so I thought I would change it up a bit for this letter M activity. Plus this version of marble painting has much less chance of becoming messy. Perfect for those days when messy painting doesn't sound like fun. Letter M Activity: Marble Painting What you need: Letter M, construction paper, marbles, paint, plastic bag and small cups. To prepare the Letter M Activity; Continue Reading

Literature. . .Eric Carle link up


Oh oh oh this is a very exciting day!!!   AmazingChild is hosting an Eric Carle CELEBRATION.  She has invited some very talented bloggers to link up their Eric Carle activity posts.  Lucky me...I get to join in.  You'll find the link up at the bottom of this post! Remember how I said a "double dose of fun"?  Today's post is written by a very special guest author.  My sister, Lisa, is one of my very best friends (and amomwithalessonplan's editor).  She is a middle school math and science teacher.  I must say...she is GOOD at her job.  M and M are very lucky to have an Auntie like her.  When Lisa heard I was planning an Eric Carle activity she Continue Reading