SENSE OF TOUCH Reverse Finger Painting

finger paint

This post originally appeared on January 9, 2011. Who doesn't love finger paint?  For this one I mixed it up a little and we painted straight on the table. . . FUN!!!  I usually use plain tempera paint, but just for you I found an actual finger paint recipe.  Well, I found more than one, because the first one we tried was not a success and lucky Little M was delighted to finger paint two days in a row! Reverse Finger Painting what you need: cornstarch ~ sugar ~ salt ~ cold water ~ food coloring ~ paper To make the finger paint I used  recipe #3 from playingandlearning you will need: 1/2 cup cornstarch 3 Tbsp. sugar 1/2 tsp. salt 2 Continue Reading

painting fun with MIXING COLORS

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Mixing colors is something I love to do with M & M.  There is something almost magical about watching two colors become one.  I have done this activity in so many ways, but I think this is my favorite. P.S. We had an extra artist for the day.  M & Ms cousin T was with us, and she was so much fun to paint with! What you need:  Egg carton ~ construction paper ~ tempera paint ~ paint brushs To prep for this activity; save an egg carton, cut the lid off, and then cut straight down the middle.  This will leave you with a 2 sets of six perfect little paint cups!  You’ll need one set for each child.  On the construction paper make 6-8 Continue Reading

practice fine motor skills with COLOR CLIPS

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I came across a bag of clothes pins and couldn't resist.  They only cost about $2 and I figured I would find something fun to do with them.  They sat in my art cabinet for a while before I found their perfect match! what you need: wood pieces ~ tempera paint ~ cloths pins I found these wood pieces at Joann's for $1.60.  The bag contains 6 rectangles.    I am so excited about this little package, imagine the projects that will come from them (you know once I buy out their stock)!  I painted 3 of the rectangles.  Each with 3 colors. I painted one board red, orange, and yellow.  One board blue, green, and yellow.  The last board I painted Continue Reading