Pretend Play Dog Activity for Kids – Dog Park

Adoption center for dogs

This dog activities for kids post originally appeared on May 24, 2012. (Make sure to check out the Little Dog Park at At Home with Ali.) I was excited about making a dog park pretend play area for the kids and got busy right away thinking about everything you might find at a one.  We have two dogs.  I didn't want them to get confused by real dog stuff so we made everything, but if you don't have dogs I would bet you could pick up real dog toys, leashes and collars for pretty cheap at the dollar store. Dog Activity for Kids - Dog Park One thing you might find at a park for dogs is an adoption center.  We used ours to talk about the Continue Reading

Big and Little… Pretend Play Ballet

Ballet pretend play

We are really enjoying the Big and Little series and hope you are too! This week we are sharing our pretend play ballet. Our BIG pretend play ballet will go up today and tomorrow you can find a LITTLE ballet school over at At Home with Ali. SET UP 1. A few pretty outfits folded neatly near the stage makes wardrobe changes a breeze. 2. Accessories anyone? Every ballerina needs props. 3. Our PVC pipe building set had the perfect pieces to make a mini ballet bar. 4. Silk flowers are perfect for showing your little ballerina you loved her pretend play ballet performance. THE SHOW I'll be honest. Little M was begging me to create an Continue Reading

easy and fun pretend play…


I have a little surprise for you... are you excited?  Do you remember Ali from At Home with Ali?  She was here a couple of weeks ago sharing her Eiffel Tower.  Well we have been working on putting something together. One of my favorite things to do is create big pretend play areas for M and M.  We've checked out at our own Grocery Store, done a few loads on Laundry Day,  and cared for Baby Dolls in our nursery. Ali's passion is for little pretend worlds.  Her daughters Cakey (4) and Boo (20 months) have bounced around Chicken World, cooked over a flame in their Miniature Campsite and created a cozy little Turtle House. Ali and I have Continue Reading

pretend play VOLCANO

Volcano Pretend Play area p

My posts have gotten a bit wordy lately... and I have been loving every minute of writing these wordy posts.  (Oh, I hope you are too. ;) )  For today though I think I'll take a break, I'll keep this one short and sweet.  Um... I'll try to keep this one short and sweet.  I am aware that I am not off to a very good start. Pretend Play Volcano We read volcano books, did a volcano experiment or two, why not add in a little pretend play to really bring the experience to an entirely different level? Piece of cardboard. Envelopes, craft sticks and hot glue made Little M's volcano. Cornfield made of shredded paper.... and feathers. Continue Reading

SLEEP OVER magic… magic beans

Magic Beans

What would an extended sleep over be without a little magic?  My very dear friend Erin saw this post about Magic Jelly Beans and thought of me... awe I love when friends pass on great links. I love, love, loved the idea but knew immediately that I did not want to give M and M a giant sucker.  I was also pretty sure that we didn't want to give 5 kids under 7 that much sugar all at once.  (As that wouldn't make a very fun sleepover for us adults.)  Hubs and I put our heads together and came up with a super fun, sugar free version of this special magic treat! I "found" this bag of magic beans in the art box... the kids passed it around and Continue Reading

BABY DOLL pretend play area

Baby Doll Pretend play

Once all of the baby dolls were bathed, it was time to set up a pretend play nursery.  (Again... I didn't have much hope for this area since Little M is not a "baby doll" kind of kid.  Sometimes these little things are just for me... my grandma enjoyed it too. :) ) Our little bathing station included wash cloths, rubber ducky and empty containers (for "soap") and towels. All of the clothes had a nice neat place... Diaper changing is a must.  I even rinsed out a few real wipes. I made a little porta crib... for sleeping on the go.  (I did use a box cutter... but please don't tell.  I'm not allowed to use tools. ;) ) Hubs did a Continue Reading

pretend play CAMPING

backyard camping

We are campers.  Tent campers.  Do you want to know how much we love to go camping? Oh yes, that is us camping in the back yard with our barbecue camp fire.  We even roasted hot dogs and smores.  (The best part was the very close... and clean bathroom. ;))   Of course Furry M enjoyed most of the experience... I think she slipped back inside for bed though! More Pretend Camping Fun Add a few props for a fun Camping Pretend Play area. Every camp site needs a camp fire! Of course there should be fishing. And books... we never pretend to go anywhere without books! You will also want to catch this awesome firewood game guest Continue Reading