tinker toy SPELLING practice


Ready for another fun spelling practice game?  This one was a big hit with Big M! I grabbed the stack of words that Big M needed to learn, some tape, a sharpie, and some Tinker Toys.  (You don't need to have that crazy of a tape dispenser, but it is a new toy for us and i just had to show it off!  Isn't it cool?!?!?) I used a small piece of tape and then wrote the letters he would need to make each word.  (We did the words one at a time so we didn't need double or triple letters.) We played this spelling practice game two ways.  First I said the word and he did his best to spell it. Once we knew which words he needed more practice Continue Reading

scrabble SPELLING practice

Scrabble Spelling

I have told you about Rainbow Words.  The idea was wonderful and Big M (along with several classmates)  finished up the rainbow just before Christmas.  Since the rainbow words were supposed to last for the year I was anxious (yes I was anxious... teachers have to love me. ;) ) to see what the next step would be.  Well Big M's teacher out did herself and I am giving myself a pat on the back for finding this incredible school. Mrs V. sent out this message: "For those students that have completed their rainbow words it is time for a new challenge! Please refer to the same words starting with red and practice spelling and neat handwriting. When Continue Reading