Simple Fruit Mobile

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Have you ever heard the term child directed?  Basically it is letting the kids' interests guide their learning.  It is the very best way for kids to learn... but it is not always easy to accomplish.  This fruit mobile, provided by my Mom, is a perfect example of child directed in action!  Thanks Mom, for writing the post... but more so for being such an awesome Grandma! It all started with a banana. Little M got a banana off the fruit plate but not to eat.  She also got some markers and scissors.  She didn't realize it but she was drawing a still life picture.  By the time I saw what she was doing she had a beautiful banana drawn, colored Continue Reading

painting a still life. . .GARDENING portrait

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I was really trying to find a good art activity to accompany our week of gardening.  I knew I wanted Little M to create a piece of art that would represent the peat pot still completely brown. . .waiting to sprout.  I have been trying to plan activities that require Little M to follow some type of guideline while still giving her creative leeway.   I think this one was a winner.  (She did spend quite a bit of time mixing paint, smooshing it between her fingers, and smothering her second piece of paper. . .we're all about balance here!) what you need:   an object (newly planted peat pot if you have one) ~ large construction paper ~ Continue Reading