ABC’s of Storytelling… U- Z


Here we are... day 5 of the ABC's of Storytelling series. I hope you are walking away with some new information and feel prepared to make make storytelling a part of your playtime. If you are new to A Mom with a Lesson Plan make sure to visit the side bar to the right and follow in your favorite way! U is for Use Family Use family members, friends and familiar locations when your are storytelling. Kids love to talk about themselves, the people they know and the places they have been. When you use family, friends and familiar locations you are giving them a way to relate to the story. It also makes storytelling a bit easier for those of Continue Reading

ABC’s of Storytelling… P – T


We have reached part 4 of the ABCs of Storytelling series. Have you been taking notes like crazy? Don't worry you can always come back and reread it later. (Did you know you can Pin a category of posts? Just click into ABC's of Storytelling and Pin the group of posts that appears. Easy.) P is for Props Add some props to storytelling for an extra fun story time. Similar to the idea of making storytelling kits (K is for Kits... ABC's of Storytelling part 3) adding props will give your little one a hands on experience with storytelling. For our Three Little Bears Storytelling, I set up the playroom with props and then invited the kids to Continue Reading

ABC’s of Storytelling… K – O


We have now reached day 3 of the ABCs of Storytelling. YEAH! Have you learned a lot so far? I know writing this has stirred my brain and rekindled the storytelling flame around here. I hope the same is true for you! K is for Kits Let storytelling kits help create storytelling opportunities in your home. A storytelling kit can provide an opportunity for your little one to practice storytelling on their own. There are many different ways to put together a storytelling kit and you don't need to spend a lot of time or money to make it happen. For kits that set the stage to tell a story that your storytellers are familiar with, include Continue Reading

ABCs of Storytelling… F – J


Today is part 2 of the ABCs of Storytelling. Yesterday I covered A -E, today we are on to F-J. Once you've soaked up all these great storytelling tips make sure to follow the links at the bottom of the post to the Mom Tips and Tricks portion of the ABC's Series. F is for Free Form Tear & Tell Try the fun and easy technique of Free Form Tear & Tell I love when I come across something I have never heard of (and can't wait to try) while I'm researching stuff to share with you! This activity is one of those gold minds. It's simple, free and is sure to get the creative storytelling juices flowing. All you need for this storytelling Continue Reading

ABC’s of Storytelling… A – E


Today and for the rest of this week I am sharing something FANTASTIC with you. This Reading Mama has put together an ABC Series that is going to give you a ton of information to get 2013 started off just right. Playing and learning! There are 60+ Bloggers Participating in the ABC Series  and each of us is offering a different theme. I will be sharing with you the ABC's of Storytelling, a topic close to my heart. Most of us are have broken this series into 5 days (although you will find some that have packed A-Z into one post). I've started with A-E and will continue for the next 5 days until you are overloaded with information!!! YAHOO! Continue Reading

BALLOON storytelling

balloon storytelling 3

If you have been here before you likely know that I heart storytelling in BIG way. Well I've also been really into balloons lately, so why not combine the two.   I blew up a red balloon and grabbed a sharpie. Outside we went. I wrote words all over the balloon. Shiny Fountain Raccoon Frustrated Shiny Chain Baseball Nose Tiny Basket Kite Girl Pink Flower Cup Friend Scooter Boy Soup Any combination of words would work for this activity. If your kid has favorite toys or characters toss those into the mix. The game morphed into a few different variations while we played. M and M had a friends over so our kid count was 4. I Continue Reading

basic STORYTELLING for toddlers

Toddler Storytelling

When Little M was little, I had a storytelling trick that she loved. I loved it too and realized just how much I miss it when I got the chance to try it out with Cousin J. Since toddlers are in the business of moving, sitting down to hear a story can be a challenge.  That is why I mixed things up a bit and let Cousin J take the lead.  While she played I found a seat near by and created a story around her actions. The story started off describing the character.  "... and she loved purple so much that the only socks she would wear were purple."  I was trying to plant the seed that she was the main character. "Cooking brought her so much Continue Reading