Sweetheart Smores + 10 More Valentine Treats

11 adorable and fun Valentine treats. love this list!

Are you ready to start thinking about Valentine's Day?  Don't worry this post will be full of Valentine treats perfect for getting you in the sweetheart spirit. How to Make Sweet Heart Smores What you need: graham crackers, peanut butter, sliced strawberries and heart marshmallows. (affiliate link) These are so, so easy and so, so yummy. First spread a little peanut butter goodness on a graham cracker (a Home made graham cracker if you have some).  Then slice up some fresh strawberries, add a cute little heart marshmallow and pop those s'mores in the toaster until they are as brown and melty as you like. Now go ahead and enjoy all Continue Reading

Homemade fortune cookies perfect for Valentines

homemade fortune cookies for kids

This post about making Fortune cookies originally appeared on February 2, 2011. I have been planning this activity since I came across the recipe for these homemade Fortune Cookies on Cooking with my Kid.   We had so much fun putting them together this morning, I can't wait to make another batch. Homemade fortune cookies what you need:  fortune cookie recipe ~slip printouts~ colored pencils Printout the slips of paper to give your little ones a guide of the size the paper needs to be.  Make sure they know you will be cutting the paper on the lines.  You can tell from the pics that M and M had very different ideas of how to fill the Continue Reading

Book Review ~ VALENTINE’S Day special


This post first appeared on February 4, 2011. Love, love and more love.  Here are some of the books we LOVE! Little Mouse's Big Valentine by Thacher Hurd This adorable little mouse make an enormous Valentine.  It is hard to carry and very heavy.   Unfortunately no one wants it.  Follow this little guy as he searches for a recipient and figures out a solution to his BIG problem.  (As I was linking the title I found that this book is starting at $0.87;  which makes me very sad for the book, but very happy for you!) We made our own Big Valentine to accompany the book. Love, Ruby Valentine By Laurie Friedman   Illustrated by Lynne Continue Reading

store bought VALENTINE bracelets


This post originally appeared on January 20, 2012. Every once in a while I get a little bit worried that my kids are "missing out" on some of those store bought goodies like an actual doll house, a play kitchen not made from boxes, or store bought Valentines.  Of course that thought never lasts long.  We love our box kitchens and making our own dollhouses is way, way more fun!  When we started talking about Valentines and the kids wanted to buy their own boxes I decided to let them grab what they wanted. Oh we're still going to hand out the ones I made and the ones the kids made, so we had to think of another way to use the store bought Continue Reading

Contact window hearts

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It's no secret that I love contact paper, oh boy do I love contact paper!!!  So I'm sure it's no surprise that this simple, mess free art project revolves around CONTACT PAPER! what you need:  clear contact paper ~ scraps ~ a window As you can see; I measured a perfect heart, traced it and then very carefully cut on the line.  Or maybe not.  Draw a heart.  Cut it out.  Keep it as simple as possible! I literally dug through the art cabinet looking for scraps of pink and white.  I found crate paper, tissue paper, cotton fabric and even some tulle.  Use anything you can find.  The only rule is that it must lay flat. I found sequins, Continue Reading