WEATHER sensory tray… pretend snow

sensory snow

The weather post from the blog hop are so cool!  Did you check any of them out?  You should! We live where summer is sunny, fall is sunny (with a bit of wind), winter is sunny (with a bit of rain), and spring is.... you got it SUNNY!  We know a lot about sun, but rarely get a chance to talk about things like snow.  Hubs and I came up with a fun  pretend snow sensory tray.  M and M loved it... I think you will too! what you need:  cookie tray ~ ice ~ trucks ~ dolls ~ igloo (I'll show you how) I crushed up ice cubes in the blender, making sure to return the crushed ice back to the freezer while I worked.  Since it's pretty warm here, I Continue Reading

WEATHER…umbrella craft

Umbrella Craft (1)

Did I just say umbrella craft.  You read that right, this is a craft.  Of course crafts are not the type of art you will usually find here at amomwithalessonplan.  This fun activity came from Big M's home-school work, and I thought it was so cute I just had to pass it on.  So enjoy it, and we'll get back to my kind of art next time!  (PS... please let me know if you are confused about the difference between art and craft.    That just might make for a great post!) Umbrella Craft what you need:  cotton swabs ~ blue food coloring ~ water ~ paper plate ~ construction paper ~ markers ~ pipe cleaner ~ scissors ~ glue Clip the ends of a Continue Reading