Mommy Fun Fact #9 ~ learning to write their name

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#9 teach them how to write their name. . .by writing their name. The first, and most important thing kids will learn how to write is their name.  Here are few tips to add practice into art time. When your little one is about to do art, ask if they want their name on the front or on the back.  (It is their masterpiece after all, they should have the choice). Would they like for you to write it or would they like to try? If they want you to do it, position yourself in a way that allows your little one to see you write.  Talk while you write.  "Madison.  M-A-D-I-S-O-N.  Madison." If they want to write their name, grab a piece of Continue Reading

writing LOVE stories with your little loves

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Valentines is the perfect time of year to talk about love.  This week my lesson plan will revolve around the things we love.  Writing a Love Story is a simple activity that requires nothing more than some time with your little one. what you need: (all of these are optional) paper ~ pen ~ pictures of the things you love I love storytelling.  M and M have been learning the art of storytelling since they were able to talk.  Let me start you off with the basics.  We do our story telling in a circle; meaning I start, Big M adds a sentence or two, Little M takes a turn, and then back to Me.  The story can go around a really long time, or it can Continue Reading