Fall Sensory Bin: Simple Play for Toddlers

One of my favorite sensory bins is a simple container full of beans. Of course fall is the perfect time to use nature to create a sensory bucket. All it takes is a quick walk around the neighborhood with a bag. You can take the collecting adventure on your own… or let the kids decide what to keep!

Super easy fall sensory bin for toddlers

Inside the Fall Sensory Bin

  • Leaves. Collect as many different types, sizes and colors as you can.
  • Pine needles.
  • Pine cones.
  • Sticks and twigs.
  • Seed pods.
  • Flowers.

Along Side the Fall Sensory Bin

  • Empty tissue boxes.
  • Tic Tac containers.
  • Toilet paper rolls.
  • Yogurt containers.
  • Measuring spoons.

Making the Sensory Bin Experience Awesome

More ways

This post is a part of Fall lesson plan.


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