Toddler Tuesday…. songs for toddlers

Sweet J (my youngest niece) and I love, love, love each other.  She comes running when she sees me and I just can’t wait to scoop her up.  (Of course I adore all of my nieces, but this is Toddler Tuesday and she is my only toddler. ;) )

One of her favorite things to do is swing.  When she swings we sing, and sing, and sing.  Can you tell she loves it?

Does singing pull you out of your comfort zone?  I love to sing and sing a lot (my poor family ;) ).  Here is why you should sing… even if you feel like you don’t do it well.

1. Singing is a creative outlet.  When kids are exposed to a great deal of singing they SING!  When they sing they will often play around with lyrics, tune and rhythm. Create, create, create… in many different forms!  (That’s what I say.)
2.  Many songs for toddlers are full of patterns, movement, and language… all skills that seep into other areas of development.
3.  Songs are easy to memorize… add a few important ideas into a song and kids can quickly remember the days of the week, be inspired to clean up, or even count to five.
4.  It’s fun… isn’t that reason enough?

Sweet J’s favorite “Auntie Jill” song right now is Doodle Bug.

Doodle, doodle, doodle.
Bug, bug, bug.
Doodle, doodle, doodle,
Bug, bug, bug.
Doodle bug come out
and look all around.
Then doodle back in the ground.

More songs for toddlers

Five Green and Speckled Frogs

Little Green Frog
Little Penguin
Herman the Worm 

Please, please, please add songs for toddlers that you love into the comment section!

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  1. MaryT says

    Hello! I’ve been perusing your blog a bit this afternoon, and I read that you like comments, so I thought I’d comment instead of contacting you via e-mail!

    By the way, I’m guessing you’ve heard of the book “Jillian Jiggs” since your name is Jillian? It was one of my favorites as a kid! Jillian in the book was very creative and imaginative, just like you!

    I’ve finally decided to start writing my own blog although it seems like I won’t have much to add to the millions of creative blog sites that are already out there. You mentioned in one of your posts, though, to contact you for your insight and things you’ve learned along the way. Teach me!

    And, I love singing! My husband and I make up silly little ditties all the time for our 3 month old son. Sometimes, it seems like he’s trying to “sing” along — I can’t wait until he actually can!

    • says

      You are right… I love comments! I have never heard of Jillian Jiggs, but I will be looking for her asap.

      I love blogging and would love to help you get started. There is so much to learn and my best advice is to jump in with both feet! You can learn along the way.

      I would bet your son is singing right along! Lucky kid. ;)

  2. says

    I have a favorite song I learned from a coworker, but I’ve never found it online.

    This is the closest version I can find, and it’s very good too.

    Colorful Balloons:
    (sung to the tune of Mary Had a Little Lamb)
    I had a red balloon,
    red balloon, red balloon,
    I had a red balloon
    Until it went POP!

    I had a blue balloon,
    blue balloon, blue balloon.
    I had a blue balloon,
    Until it went pop.
    Clap your hands on the POP! They go CRAZY for it.

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