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Watching my sister’s girls on our extended sleep over reminded me of something.  Toddlers are extremely fun… and just a little bit demanding.  :)  Sweet J has now started shouting “I NOT BABY!!!  I TODDLER!”  Whew, I only had to hear that once.  Of course she’s right, she is not a baby and I am so glad.  2 years old is such a fun age.

One of the benefits of having M and M so close together in age is that I have really never had to adjust projects or activities to include different ages.  I know from chatting with my sister that having a toddler (NOT A BABY)  around makes it more difficult to bring out certain stuff.

Well I had a fairy project planned and I wasn’t about to let a toddler stand in my way…  I was also not patient enough to wait for nap time. So I set up the table just like I usually do, with all the non-toddler items, like hot glue guns and tape dispensers.  I positioned myself right next to J and supervised her work.

To my surprise and delight… instead of being frustrated with the items she wasn’t allowed to use J created her own simple learning experience!!!

She used a milk carton and some craft sticks…

and spent about half an hour putting craft sticks in…

and pouring craft sticks out.

Watching her concentration reminded me of something else.  Toddlers find learning experiences in the simplest of activities.

Are you the parent of a toddler and some bigger kids?  How do you make sure to include all ages in your projects?

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      I remember when Big M was a toddler and I blew a piece of paper across the table. He thought it was the most brilliant thing ever. (Maybe I do miss those days.) 😉

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    I have five children ages 19 months through 12 years old. I have to say I love the toddler years. As much as they are demanding when they are engaged in play it does not take much to entertain them. My 19 month old loves putting sticks in and out of containers. I just said the other day sometimes I just take the time to really watch her face and mannerisms while she plays. Having 4 older children you realize how fast time flies and they lose the wonder in small experiences.

  2. Kory says

    I have a 3m old, 2yr old, and 4yr old. I’ve also worked with kids most my life and I have to say… 2 is my favorite age, for exactly this reason! The curiosity, the wonder in everything… I just love it!


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