top 20 moms to follow on pinterest

Are you on Pinterst? Have you seen the new board 20 Must Follow Moms? Follow it! Just trust me… you will be instantly inspired. I am so unbelievably honored to be a one of the 20 Moms to follow. I HAVE ARRIVED!!! YAHOO! 😉

20 must follow moms

Stacy of Kid Stuff World is the mastermind behind this Pinterst board. She invited only the best of the best and has asked that we only use our very best posts. Can you imagine what the best from the best looks like?!?!? YEP pure awesome!

 You’ll see some familiar faces. Hands On: As We Grow, TinkerLab and No Time for Flash Cards(If you’ve been around here for a while you’ve surly heard me go on and on about these girls!) Of course there are many more incredible moms over there as well.

 With a cast like this you are bound to find some great stuff. Make sure to check out the comments and get chatting. You might even make some new friends!


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