twister with SIGHT WORDS

Since flash cards are really not my thing, I have been putting a little active fun into our sight words (you can click here if you haven’t seen the ones we’ve done already!)  For the last couple of weeks we have been putting a “twist” into our sight word practice, with Sight Word Twister.  (I did giggle a little about that one.)

I used chalk to make this sight word twister board.  (I soaked the chalk in water first and I am not kidding that chalk had been there for two weeks when I took this picture!)

As with regular twister the object is to be touching 4 spaces at the same time.  We started out using cards that told which body part to use… that was way too much.  So I let the kids decide what part to put where.

I showed Big M the word to find, then read it to him.
 We did four words each… then switched players.  (Yes I said we, do you think the neighbors enjoyed watching me play twister in the driveway?)
The bonus was that because Little M doesn’t know the words at all…
Big M helped her out.  I believe one of the best ways to learn something is to teach it!

Happy twisting!!! 

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  1. theclassroomcreative says

    What a fun take on sight words! We had to use it in our summer reading sight word games @ theclassroomcreative. Hope you are having a great summer! Karen & Nicolette

  2. BU says

    Awesome idea!!! Have implemented it to teach phonetics for my daughter of 3.5 yrs. She loved it!!!! Thanks for the idea!!! BTW you have an awesome blog


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