Preparation and Freedom ~ T. Rowe Price’s 529 College Savings Plan

When we found out our first baby was going to be a boy, my friends and family giggled. I have always leaned toward calmer, less risky activities. Being raised in a house full of girls, it was pretty easy to avoid things like climbing trees, wrestling, and, well, anything that could cause an injury. Everyone (including me) was certain I would have trouble keeping up with a boy. Luckily that little boy knew just how to get me comfortable with all those rough and tumble boy traits I'd heard so much about. Big M figured out the army crawl at 4 months and by 5 months was into everything. He started walking (or should I say running) at 7 months. Continue Reading

store bought VALENTINE bracelets


This post originally appeared on January 20, 2012. Every once in a while I get a little bit worried that my kids are "missing out" on some of those store bought goodies like an actual doll house, a play kitchen not made from boxes, or store bought Valentines.  Of course that thought never lasts long.  We love our box kitchens and making our own dollhouses is way, way more fun!  When we started talking about Valentines and the kids wanted to buy their own boxes I decided to let them grab what they wanted. Oh we're still going to hand out the ones I made and the ones the kids made, so we had to think of another way to use the store bought Continue Reading

A little break from lesson planning

 I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and is gearing up for a super fun New Years. I have been hard at work preparing for a little break (okay maybe it's more than a little break. ;))  While it's necessary and I am ready for it... I'm also a little sad. I love A Mom with a Lesson Plan and I love sharing playful learning ideas with you. But I have to think about what will make this next 2 months easiest for my family. A break is going to make all the difference! Why the break? As you might remember I'm a surrogate mommy. The entire process has been fantastic for our family and this pregnancy has been incredibly easy. Until just a week Continue Reading

P & G eStore… shopping online just got easier!

oral B

Christmas is just days away... have you finished all of your shopping? Hubs and I had a nice little shopping date over the weekend and finished up our list. YIPPEE!!! Now it's time to start thinking about the stuff I need! One of the things you may not know about this lesson planning mom is that I can not stand shopping. I can't. I avoid it whenever possible because shopping wears me out. Hubs is so awesome and will often take on the task for me, but sometimes there is no way to get around dragging myself to the store. P & G eStore has just made my life WAY easier. Now I can shop from home, even for everyday items! Here's the scoop on Continue Reading

It’s my 2nd BLOGIVERSARY!!!

Today A Mom with A Lesson Plan turns 2! Wow what a 2 years it's been. Last year I shared my My Blog Story and planned a special Playful Learning Activity! This year I almost forgot about it completely! Yikes. In my defense I have been a little busy. ;)  I did want to take a minute or two today to reflect and share with you just what has happened, is happening and will be happening behind the scenes. I also want to thank everyone of you for showing up here, helping me make this little blog into a full fledged website, and leaving comments (they always make me smile). There would be no 2 year blogiversary without you!!! Where A Mom with a Continue Reading

A Learning Through Play bundle you will not want to miss!

e Book

YEAH! Black Friday starts today... if you are a parent dedicated to learning through play that is. Since you're here on I know you love playful learning as much as I do. This Black Friday offer is beyond exciting. Melitsa from Play Activities and Cathy from Nurture Store have put together a bundle of amazing eBooks (some I've read and some I can't wait to read).  Thirteen eBook authors (including me ;)) have contributed their books to this bundle (a value of over $100). The entire bundle is available STARTING NOW for $9.99. This sale will only be offered until Monday November 26th at 4 pm (PST)... pick up your bundle Continue Reading

Awesome boy gifts… full of fun and learning

boy gifts

It is fair to say that I am not a shopper. I never have been and imagine I never will be. Standing in the toy isle trying to decide which toys will be a hit on the fun scale (while adding a little education value) is not how I like to spend an afternoon. So when I came across these three gifts I thought I would pass along the idea (just in case you're like me) and save you the guess work. ;) Boy Gifts #1... MONEY Um yeah... no brainer right? Kids (and adults) all like money but it can feel like a thoughtless gift, which often steers me away from using cash as a present. For Big M's birthday this year his Nana came up with something Continue Reading