why I LOVE being big M’s mom

To celebrate Mother’s Day I am taking a little break.  Well sort of.  Instead of a lesson plan, this week I will be posting lists of LOVE.  Simple posts about the reasons I LOVE being a Mom.  That will give me a little extra time on the behind-the-scenes stuff.  Last week I posted Mother’s Day card, gift and wrapping projects, so if you are working on prepping for this weekend don’t panic!

If you have a list of your own to add in the comment section. . .PLEASE DO!

Why I LOVE being Big M’s Mom.

  • He keeps me moving. When I was pregnant with Big M, Hubs and I would talk about how much he moved.  Did he ever sleep?  Turns out, he moves in his sleep! He started walking (excuse me, running) when he was 7 months old.  There is not a lot of lazy time where he is concerned and I kind of like it.  I think I have a lot more energy because of him!
  • He is smart, so very smart. I know every Mom says that, but I am not kidding.  The other day he said to me “Mom, three sets of three is nine.”  He gets math in ways I never have.  I can already tell that I am going to have to learn alot to keep him challenged.  Luckily I also LOVE learning!
  • He looks like his Dad. Of course that makes me smile.
  • He holds the door for other people. Sometimes it takes a really long time to get through a door, but I just love the looks strangers give this 5 year old kid who thinks to hold the door.
  • He makes me laugh.
  • He catches my eye and blows me a kiss at random points in the day.
  • Cars. In my purse, shower, and car.  Under my pillow, my seat, and my feet.  I smile every time I find one.
  • He’s kind by nature.
  • I can see the best parts of me in him. And that brings tears to my eyes and makes my heart skip a beat.

I am a lucky mom.


  1. Erin says

    Sooo sweet!!! This will one day be something so precious to him to have!! Youre a wonderful mom! My inspiration!!! xoxo

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