Winter Wonderland Birthday Party Ideas

Today’s post is a full of Winter Wonderland Party Ideas!  Thank you to Lisa from The Party Works for guest posting.  (I think I’ll take advantage of this little break and put my feet up!)  Take it away Lisa!

Winter Wonderland Birthday Party Ideas

It’s funny how the time of year can really determine what kind of birthday party you throw your children. My oldest is an April baby and every year desperately wishes it was warm enough to have a pool party, but alas springtime, outdoor (non-water) games is as close as she can get. If your son or daughter is a winter baby here are a few creative ideas for throwing a festive party that will make them glad they were born in the winter.

1. Go All Out With Decorations

Unless your child wants a specific theme like a super Mario birthday party, loads of festive winter decorations will be just the trick. Go all out with blue and white streamers, birthday posters and signs, hanging snowflakes, twinkle lights and balloons. Winter is enchanting partially due to the way we decorate our homes for the holiday season, so trigger that sense of wonder with winter decorations for the party.

2. Winter Themed Food

Of course the cake is really the centerpiece for a party theme. Decorate your cake or cupcakes with snowmen, snowflakes, and icicles; depending upon the age and interests of your child, sleds, huskies and skiers might also be appropriate. Hot chocolate and cider should be readily available and treats covered in powdered sugar. Cookies decorated with winter themes like snowflakes, snowballs and icicles make nice additions to the party favor bag.

3. Winter Activities

If the kids are old enough and inclined towards playing in the snow, take full advantage of it. A snowball fight, snow angel and snowman making are great ways to keep the kids occupied. Make a competition out of it and have the requisite carrot noses and charcoal eyes on hand. If it is more appropriate for the kids to stay inside, set up a craft table for the kids to make their own snowflake to take home out of paper, glitter and glue. There might even be time for a board game if the group is small enough or video games or a movie if it’s a slumber party.

The whole point of throwing your child a birthday party is to make them feel special. Winter birthdays can be tough on kids who feel they get lost in the holiday shuffle. Make their special day stand out by taking advantage of the fun aspects of winter.


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